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Chapter 14 Lecture:

Legality of Employment Requirements

and Interview Questions, continued




Lawful Pre-employment Inquiry

Unlawful Pre-employment Inquiry or Requirement


Are you 18 years old or older?  This question may be asked to determines if the applicant is of legal age for employment.

How old are you?

What is the date of your birth?

Religion or creed


What is your religious denomination (or church, parish, pastor)?



Requirement that the applicant submit a photograph.  Request that applicants at their option submit a photograph.

Height and weight


Inquiries regarding height and weight.

Marital status


Are you single or married?

Do you have any children?

Is your spouse employed?

What is your spouse’s name?



Requirements indicating Mr., Miss, or Mrs.  Inquiry about the ability to reproduce or advocacy of any form of birth control.

Health, Disability

Can you carry a 50-pound sack up a 10-foot ladder five times daily? (Only if the specific job requires it.)

Do you have a disability or handicap?  Have you ever been treated for the following diseases?  Do you use any adaptive device or aid?

Requirements that women be given pelvic exam.  All preemployment medical tests and questionnaires.


Can you perform this function with or without reasonable accommodation?

Would you need reasonable accommodation in this job?


Do you have 20/20 corrected vision?

What is your corrected vision?


Do you regularly eat three meals a day?

Do you need to eat a number of small snacks at regular intervals throughout the day in order to maintain your energy level?

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