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Student Clubs

We hope that during your time at College of Marin you will get involved with student clubs and associations. Your involvement can help you reinforce what you learn in class. Several of the many benefits of involvement are listed below:

  • Make new friends 
  • Develop and enhance new skills and abilities 
  • Work as part of a team 
  • Learn to set and achieve goals 
  • Share your time and talents 
  • Have fun! 

As you grow at the College of Marin, you will discover that the more involved you become, the more you will benefit from your college experience. Student learning is not a spectator sport; you must participate to benefit. Enhance your education by becoming involved. 

Clubs do not restrict membership based on race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, sexual preference, medical condition, status as a Vietnam era veteran, age, marital status, or disability. Reasonable accommodations are made for students with disabilities.

Club Listing 


Promotes scholarships for qualifying students and encourages community involvement.

Promotes, maintains, and recognizes scholastic achievement and offers programs to provide educational, cultural, and social enrichment for members and the campus community. 

Arts & Entertainment 

  • 3-D Art Association

Provides grants to sculpture students for future projects.

  • Artist Honor Society at COM-Indian Valley 

Maintains and provides work for the Artist Honor Society Gallery.

  • Artist Honor Society at COM-Kentfield 

Promotes the arts community at College of Marin by creating and displaying works of current and former students.

  • Bead Bazaar 

Promotes the making of bead jewelry. Just bead it! 

  • Breakdance Club 

Promotes the art and style of breakdancing. 

  • Cinema League 

Creates a community that fosters an appreciation for cinema and provides resources and support for students and the film department at the College of Marin.

  • Club Exposed 

Encourages photography students to continue to work and develop skills outside the regular class. 

  • Club Metals 

Allows students to work between classes to raise money, share ideas, and bring in guest lecturers. 

  • Club Mud 

Promotes the advancement of skills and appreciation of the art of ceramics.

  • Dancer's Guild 

Helps raise funds for the dance department and assists with dance concerts, the center, and special projects. 

  • Drama Club 

Promotes participation in activities that enrich student's understanding and appreciation of the theater experience. 

  • Drawing Closer 

Promotes the development of drawing skills through working with models. 

  • Inky Fingers 

Promotes the discipline of printmaking. 

  • Life Sculpture 

Raises funds to hire models for the Art courses 185-286. 

  • Life Drawing and Sculpture 

Gives the students an opportunity to draw and sculpt life models for extended poses.

  • Luke's Guild of Painters 

Creates an environment for art students to meet, discuss issues, and work beyond normal class hours. Provides opportunities for discounted art supplies. 

  • Sculpture Club 

Provides a means for students to purchase sculpture tools and materials. 

  • Student Art Association 

Provides a means for students to purchase small quantities of bronze and ceramic shell for cast bronze art. 


  • Black Student Union 

Provides an opportunity for African ancestry students and their supporters to identify, articulate, and implement activities and programs that advance the interests of African ancestry students and the campus community. 

  • International Students Club 

Gives students the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain awareness about other cultures and their values by supporting diversity and social activities. 

  • Latino Student Union 

Provides an opportunity for Latino students and their supporters to identify, articulate, and implement activities and programs that advance the interests of Latino students and the campus community. 



  • Environmental Action Club 

Works to increase the environmental awareness of IVC and COM students and manages the recycling program. 

  • Environmental Landscape 

Promotes and improves the Environmental Landscape Program at the College of Marin. 

Gender Interests 

  • Rainbow Alliance 

Promotes communication, understanding, and acceptance among people of different gender and orientation. 


  • COM Dental Assisting 

Raises funds for the Dental Assisting Program through various activities.

  • Med Heads 

The Med Heads is a club for College of Marin students who are interested in a career in the medical field traditional or alternative. 

  • Student Nurses Association 

Promotes recruitment and participation in community affairs and donation of time towards community healthcare.

Journalism & Publications 

  • COMET (College of Marin Echo Times) 

Promotes Echo Times special projects. 

Political & Social Action 

  • Students for Social Responsibility 

An inclusive, democratic organization of COM students that promotes progressive change through economic, environmental, and social justice. 

Professional & Workforce Development

  • Computer Information Systems Club 

Sponsors camaraderie among CIS students, promotes CIS as a career choice, and grants awards to CIS students. 

  • COM Engineering Club 

Designs and builds projects as a team and expand student's interest and creativity. 

  • IVC Car Club 

Provides "live car" repair experience for the auto tech students. 

Recreational & Sports

  • Carrom Board Club 

Gives students with an interest in Carrom board to meet and play on campus. 

  • Sailing Team 

Competes in the PCIYRA against other state colleges and universities and encourages new comers to learn about racing. 

Religious & Spiritual

  • Baha'i Club 

Promotes the spiritual and social teachings of the Baha'i faith and promotes fellowship and unity on campus. 

  • Islamic Club 

Promotes the education and service of the Muslim community on campus and informs the public about Islamic beliefs. Also encourages dialog and discussion of modern day issues. 


Additional Interests 

  • Children's Center Parents' Club 

    Promotes fundraising, offers parent support, education, and training on diversity, child development, etc.