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College of Marin Accreditation: Evidence for 2012 Report
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Recommendation 8: Technology Plan

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A. Response to the Recommendation

A.1. Technology Surveys

    1. Technology Survey-Faculty and Staff March 2012 (PDF)
    2. Technology Plan Survey Report--Faculty, Staff and Administrators (PDF)
    3. Faculty and Staff Technology Plan (Survey) Comment Report (PDF)
    4. Student Technology Survey March 2012 (PDF)
    5. Student Technology Survey Report (PDF)
    6. Student Technology Survey Comment Report (PDF)

A.2. Technology Plan Development Steps

A.3. Wikispace

    1. Technology Planning Committee Wikispace (PDF)

A.4. The Plan

A.5. Approval Process

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B. Analysis and Resolution of Deficiencies

B.1. Completion and Communication of a New Technology Plan

B.2. Technology Plan’s Support of the Strategic Plan 2009-2012 and the 2009-2019 Educational Master Plan

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B.3. The Technology Plan’s Fulfillment of Accreditation Standards


B.3.1. Enhancing the Operation and Effectiveness of the Institution

B.3.2. Providing Quality Training

B.3.3. Systematic Planning, Acquisition, Maintenance and Upgrades

B.3.4. Supporting the Development, Maintenance and Enhancement of College Programs and Services

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C. Sustainability Agenda: Ongoing Planning, Implementation and Evaluation within the Technology Plan

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Accreditation: Evidence for 2012 Report - Recommendation 8
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