From:                                         Becky Reetz

Sent:                                           Monday, September 12, 2011 5:41 PM

To:                                               Anna Pilloton; Arnulfo Cedillo; Becky Reetz; Beth Root; Bob Balestreri; Chialin Hsieh; Chris Schultz; David Cook; Dee Fraites; Greta Siegel; Janice Austin; June Lee; Letta Hlavachek; Lyda Beardsley; Rhonda Jones; Theo Fung

Subject:                                     SLO Meeting 9/2

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Hi all,


For those who were not able to attend the meeting on September 2nd, I wanted to share the Power Point that Chialin and I presented (it’s attached).  We did a similar presentation to the Classified Senate last Wednesday, and will be doing a brief presentation to PRAC tomorrow.


Also, I wanted to share that the group in attendance at the meeting came to consensus on a slight modification to Division-Wide SLO #4.  I proposed that we add the words “self-initiative”.  The new version would be  “Demonstrate self-advocacy/self-initiative” If everyone is ok with that change, we will make it permanent.  My hope is that by adding self-initiative to the SLO, many more of us will be able to focus on measuring SLO #4 in the future.


I am in the process of finishing the minutes from the meeting and will try to send them out soon.


Thanks, Becky


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