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1st Annual College of Marin International Film Festival
The COM Department of Modern Languages presents the First Annual College of Marin International Film Festival, featuring films representing foreign languages taught at the College. Each film will be introduced by a faculty member who teaches that language. The films will be shown on Fridays at 7 p.m. in Olney Hall 96 at College of Marin, 835 College Avenue, Kentfield, CA.

The film festival is open to the public and is free of charge
For additional information, call (415) 485-9348 x7348


Friday, February 29,2008
7:00 pm
College of Marin Olney Hall, 835 College Ave Kentfield CA
Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, with Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Raul Bova, Massimo Girotti, Filippo Nigro. A couple on the streets of Rome meets an old man who has lost his memory. They bring the man to their house and the woman tries to help the man to rebuild his identity and his secret past. The investigation into the man’s life becomes, for Giovanna, a discovery of her forgotten feelings.

Friday, March 7,2008, 7:00pm
Directed by Cedric Klapisch with Cecile De France, Francine Sandberg, Kelly Reilly. The Russian Dolls is a romantic comedy and the sequel to The Spanish Apartment ( L’Auberge Espagnole)(2002). The movie continues the story of Xavier and his friends and take place between Paris, London, Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

HULA GIRLS (2006) – Japanese film
Friday, March 14,2008 7:00 pm
College of Marin Olney Hall 835 College Ave Kentfield CA
Directed by Lee Sang-iI with Yu Aoi, Etsushi Toyokawa. In 1965,when a coal mine town in Iwaki has to close the mining operation because of the foreign oil power, and instead of the mining operation, they try to open a Hawaiian Center to survive. They have the land ,hot water, food and drinks but they did not have the Hula dancers to entertain the guests… It is a heart warming story of the people who try hard to make the project go.

EL VIAJE DE LA NONNA / NONNA’S TRIP (2007) – Spanish film
Friday, March 21, 2008 7:00 pm
College of Marin Olney Hall 835 College Ave Kentfield CA
Directed by Sebastian Silva with Ana Ofelia Murguia, Veronica Langer, Rodrigo Murray. La Nonna forgets everything. The one thing she won’t forget is her last wish – to go to Italy , to the village of Todaro, the birthplace of her beloved husband. The family is not thrilled to go but decides to grant her this last wish. The family will encounter laughter and humorous adventure. A touching story of a family united by love for their grandmother.

LOVE IS NEVER SILENT (1985) - American Sign Language film
Friday, March 28, 2008 7:00 pm
College of Marin Olney Hall 835 College Ave Kentfield CA
Directed by Joseph Sargent with Mare Winningham, Cloris Leachman, Sid Caesar. Mare Winnigham struggles with being caught between two worlds. She herself is born a hearing child to deaf parents. She struggles to be her own self as a hearing person but the parents want her to be in their world of deafness. Mare finds love and feels guilty for leaving her parents.

SHAOLIN SOCCER (2001) – Chinese film
Friday, April 4, 2008 7:00 pm
College of Marin Olney Hall 835 College Ave Kentfield CA
Directed by Stephen Chow Sing-Chi with Stephen Chow, Man Tat Ng, Wei Zhao, Yin Tse. Shaolin Soccer is about a former Monk, from Shaolin located in Henan Province of China, who reunites his five Shifu (martial brothers), to apply their superhuman martial art skills to play soccer and bring Shaolin Gongfu to masses. Very funny – you will laugh all the way.

College of Marin Olney Hall 96 , 835 College Avenue, Kentfield
INFO: (415) 485-9348
Friday evening at 7:00pm FREE

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