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College of Marin Facilities Modernization
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Infrastructure Projects

A number of critical infrastructure projects have taken place across both the Kentfield and Indian Valley Campuses. The addition of geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) on both campuses is of particular significance. GHPs are a ground-source pumping system that takes advantage of the stable temperatures underground to heat buildings in winter and keep them cool in summer. Instead of creating heat by burning fuel, GHPs move heat from one place to another, making them a cost-effective renewable energy source. At the Indian Valley Campus, the scope of work also included installation of site utilities such as a new gas main and 12kv service, as well as extensive storm drain repairs, campus-wide landscape fire mitigation, and erosion mitigation at Ignacio Creek. The latter, large-scale project was completed in fall 2008 and included creek bank stabilization and installation of erosion control blankets on bank-graded areas with new native riparian species plantings.

Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects - Green House

Infrastructure Projects - Green House interior

Infrastructure Projects - Shade structure

Infrastructure Projects - Creek

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