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Night and Weekend Degree/Transfer Program

New Master Course Schedule at IVC will Serve Working Students and High Schoolers

Students pursuing a goal to graduate or transfer will be able to enroll in a new series of evening and weekend classes at the Indian Valley Campus (IVC) beginning fall 2011. The classes are scheduled to be convenient for working adults and high school students seeking an associate degree or preparing to transfer to a university. In addition, IVC also offers evening options for students who need to complete pre-college-level English and math requirements before enrolling in transfer preparation courses. The expanded night and weekend classes are also available to students interested in developing career skills. The evening and weekend program is the latest step in the ongoing evolution of IVC. The campus now has several new buildings, including the Main Building and Transportation Technology Complex that have been paid for with Measure C Bond Funds. New programs such as the solar technology installation courses and the college's award-winning organic farm program have infused IVC with a host of new learning opportunities. Enrollment in Night and Weekend Degree/Transfer program is limited and students who are interested should apply and register early. For more information call 415.883.2211, ext. 8204.

Two-Year Associated Degree/Transfer program – General Education Master Schedule

Students must enroll in all classes in the general education for Transfer/Associate Degree sequence in order to complete the program in two years. New students must take an assessment test in order to enroll in Math and English courses. Call the Testing Office at 415.485.9469 to make an appointment for a Success Workshop at Indian Valley Campus.

A College of Marin Counselor should be consulted regarding:

Spring 2014 
Monday   6:10 – 9:00 PM ART 101 or ART 102
Tuesday   6:10 – 9:00 PM MATH 115 Probability & Statistics
Wednesday   6:10 – 9:00 PM ASTR 101 Introduction to Astronomy
Thursday    6:10 – 9:00 PM MATH 115 Probability & Statistics
Satruday 10:00am - 1:00pm DANC 161Beginning Ballroom Dance


Summer 2014  
Tuesday   6:10 – 10:00 PM BIOL 110 Introduction to Biology
Thursday   6:10 – 10:00 PM BIOL 110 Introduction to Biology
Saturday   9:00 AM – 4:00 PM BIOL 110L Introduction to Biology Laboratory


Fall 2014  
Monday   6:10 – 9:00 PM ENGL 150 Reading and Composition (1A)
Tuesday   6:10 – 9:00 PM SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
Wednesday   6:10 – 9:00 PM ETST 121 History of Latinos in the US or ETST 151 Native American History
Thursday    6:10 – 9:00 PM SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I


Spring 2015  
Monday ENGL 150 or ENGL 151 (on-line) Reading and Composition (1B)
Tuesday   6:10 – 9:00 PM SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
Wednesday   6:10 – 9:00 PM

HIST 117 History of the US I and HIST 100 (on-line) Major Trends & Selected Topics in American History

Thursday    6:10 – 9:00 PM SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
  DANC 108 (on-line) Dance History: Dancing - The Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement



Please check the schedule published each semester for exact times and details. 


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