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MATH 103: Intermediate Algebra


Please read through the following carefully and thoroughly, as it contains information and instructions you will need.

You are about to begin an exciting adventure�studying, learning, and testing intermediate algebra via the World Wide Web.  Your environment and experiences will be quite different from a regular classroom.  If you have not already read through our course syllabus at the web site that describes this course and all of the related elements, then you must do so at 
(click on the “Math 103 (online)”, then “Syllabus”)

Time Expectations

Along with other information on this site you will read that this course requires a minimum of 10 to 15 hours per week, as would be the case if you were taking an on-campus class, including homework.  If you know that you do not have the time management skills to accomplish this, then this class is not for you.

The next email you receive from me will contain more information about the course and a request for one other item.  Once you respond with the requested item, I will send you our Course Code.  When you have received the Course Code, you will need to register for the online portion of this course at the ALEKS web site.  

To register for our class, you will need the Course Code (provided by me) and the Student Access Code found in the ALEKS User Guide if purchased from the bookstore, or confirmation email if purchased online.  Once you have both codes, you will register at:


The ALEKS Access Code and Our Course Code will be sent once you have satisfied the prerequisite verification and respond to email 2 which you will receive from me on the first day of class � Monday, January 23rd 2012.

Initial Assessment in ALEKS

Once you log into our class at the ALEKS web site, you will take an initial assessment, which will not be graded.  It is a diagnostic tool that is used to place you at the level appropriate for you.  All other assessments and required work for the course will also be done at the Aleks website, with the exception of the Midterm and Final exams, which are mandatory proctored exams.  I will provide on-campus proctoring services for our exams.

Technology Requirement

To take full advantage of the classroom you must have a Java enabled browser.  All versions from 3.x or later of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer and AOL have this capability.

You will be required to download the plugin for the ALEKS classroom the first time you enter our online classroom.  The download will not affect your computer in any harmful way.  Please be aware that more than 95% of the students are able to use ALEKS after installing the plugin.  However, there are combinations of browsers, system versions and other software that make it difficult, inconsistent or impossible to use ALEKS on your computer.  Make sure you can access the site before committing to this course.

It is a good idea to take a quick tour of the ALEKS classroom before you start your work.


Note the following important information:

Our online mathematics course is different from most on-campus mathematics courses, and not just because it is via the Internet.  Unlike most mathematics classes, this one will require more extensive reading and writing.  The ability to read, write, and follow directions is crucial to succeeding in this course.  Your progress will be measured on many factors, not on just number crunching or solving equations.  But rather you will be expected to analyze, interpret and draw conclusions about information that is presented to you. 

You should expect to spend at least 10 to 15 hours per week working on the materials for this class.

Check-off List

  1. Read our course syllabus at > Math 103 (Online) > Syllabus
  2. Send an email to me with your full name and the email address that you will be using for this course. (If you have already done this, then you do not need to do so again.)
  3. Submit proof of prerequisite (remember, this needs to be completed by Friday, January 20th)
  4. Respond to email 2 (next email) with requested response.
  5. Purchase ALEKS User’s Guide
  6. Register for the online portion of the course at the ALEKS website.   (To do this, you will need the Course Code from me, and the Student Access Code ALEKS � see instructions attached.)

As always, if you have questions on anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,

Maula Allen
Associate Professor/Mathematics
College of Marin
835 College Avenue
Kentfield, CA 94904