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COSC 9506A - Geology and Tectonics of CA

Term: Spring 2014 - 03/27/14 to 05/15/14
Section (CRN): 35111
Course: COSC 9506A - Geology and Tectonics of CA
Level: Community Education
Instructor: Ursin-Smith, Rolf

California geology is complex, like wet laundry jumbled together, composed of different colored and sized sox, shirts, handkerchiefs, underwear and pants but all with different origins. Tekton is the Greek word for ’build’ and plate tectonics explains how the earth’s crust has been built. It has been able to shine a bright light into the recesses of California’s previously hazy and jumbled geology during the past 50 years. Learn how and where California’s geologic formations were formed, experienced collisions, were transported, uplifted, and reconstituted to become the surface we see today and where these formations are going in the future. This amazing journey is complimented by detailed chapter handouts, diagrams, maps, rock, mineral and fossil samples that illustrate specific geologic formations.

Handouts (Password Protected - for current students only)

Week 1 - Introduction
Week 2 -
Structure of the Earth; The Deep Earth Machine
Week 3 -
Basin and Range (B&R)
Week 4 -
Klamath Block
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7