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Academic Department: Fine/Visual Arts
Main Office: FA 108
Phone Ext: 7480
Program Website:
Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811  /  (415) 883-2211
In-depth information about each program is available in the Course Catalog, including program descriptions, faculty lists, degree requirements, and course listings. The Course Catalog is available to view and print in PDF* format.
About the Program

Mankind has been designing and building permanent structures for about twelve thousand years, and these structures have come to dominate the environment that most people inhabit. The architect faces an exciting challenge: to understand the sometimes competing needs of individuals and groups, the need to protect our natural environment, the technical requirements of buildings and structures, the role of economics, and the importance of designing projects that not only meet these quantifiable needs but that also inspire and delight us.
In the twenty-first century, the value of green/sustainable design is becoming more and more obvious and is an important part of our curriculum. We also offer rich classes in architectural design, drafting and presentation, architecture as a profession, computer aided design, and history of architecture.
Courses in the Architecture Department are designed to serve students who aspire to transfer to other schools of architecture by giving them a sound basis in critical thinking and fundamental knowledge of the discipline, to offer a two year degree option for those who wish to achieve a solid base of knowledge and skills for work in architecture or related fields, and to present learning opportunities to those whose interest in architecture is directed toward more personal rather than career goals.

Career Options
Architect, Architectural Designer, Architectural Illustrator,Architectural Model Maker, Architectural Product Developer,Architectural Specification Writer, Construction Manager, Director/Administrator of Architectural Firm, Interior Architect, Landscape Designer, Professor of Architecture, Researcher, Structural Engineer, Theater Set Designer, Urban Planner.

Department Phone: (415) 485-9480

NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Doermann, Elisabeth M FA 108 7485
Dunn, Jason T FA 104 7483
Goldberg, Georgia FA 108 7480
Current and Future Courses

TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoomInstructor
Fall 2015 82511 ARCH 102 - History of Architecture III 08/17/15-12/05/15 W 11:10-14:00 KTD FA 215 Doermann, Elisabeth
81999 ARCH 110 - Beginning Architectural Design 08/17/15-12/05/15 TR 11:10-14:00 KTD FA 215 Goldberg, Georgia
82000 ARCH 111 - Intermediate Arch Design 08/17/15-12/05/15 TR 11:10-14:00 KTD FA 215 Goldberg, Georgia
81861 ARCH 120 - Beginning Arch Drawing 08/17/15-12/05/15 TR 08:10-11:00 KTD FA 215 Goldberg, Georgia
81862 ARCH 121 - Intermediate Arch Drawing 08/17/15-12/05/15 TR 08:10-11:00 KTD FA 215 Goldberg, Georgia
80604 ARCH 140 - Digital Tools/Arch Design 08/17/15-12/05/15 TR 14:10-17:00 KTD FA 315 Doermann, Elisabeth
81739 ARCH 249A - Independent Study A 08/17/15-12/12/15 KTD Dunn, Jason
81740 ARCH 249B - Independent Study B 08/17/15-12/12/15 KTD Dunn, Jason
81741 ARCH 249C - Independent Study C 08/17/15-12/12/15 KTD Dunn, Jason