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College of Marin
Degree Information
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AA  AS  Certificate of Achievement       

ACPR-AS AS ACRT Painting Refinishing
ACRT-AS AS ACRT Master Collision Rep
AD2D-AS AS Art Design Applied: 2D
ADIN-AS AS Design, Applied-Interior
AJ-AS AS Administration of Justice
ATCR-AS AS Auto Chassis Repair Tech
ATEL-AS AS Auto Electrical Tech
ATEM-AS AS Auto Emissions Tech
ATMR-AS AS Auto Master Repair Tech
BIOL-AS AS Biology
BOSO-AS AS BOS: Office Management
BUAT-AS-T AS-T Business Admin Transfer
COMP-AS AS Computer Science
CRSR-AS AS Cour Certified Shorthand
DENT-AS AS Dent Registered
ECE-AS AS Early Childhood Education
ECT-AS-T AS-T Early Childhood Ed Transf
ELND-AS AS ELND Org Farm & Garden
GEOL-AS AS Geology
MAAC-AS AS Meda Admin & Clinical
MAAD-AS AS Meda Administrative
MACH-AS AS Machine and Metals Tech.
MACL-AS AS Meda Clinical
MMDS-AS AS MMST Design Specialty
MMES-AS AS MMST Entertainment
NE-AS AS Nursing, Registered
PSCI-AS AS Physical Science
REAL-AS AS Real Estate